Gigantic Bunny Gazing Up on the Moon




Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, acknowledged for his large scale installations of animal characters, not too way back unveiled his latest work. Located on the Dayuan Metropolis Naval Base in Taiwan, “Moon Rabbit” is a big however pretty bunny that’s propped up in opposition to a grassy navy bunker gazing up on the moon. To create the large-scale work, which is based on the East Asian folklore a few rabbit that lives on the moon, Hofman first created a picket and Styrofoam physique. And to achieve the fluffiness however moreover keep it local weather-resistant the artist used over 12,000 sheets of Tyvek paper, a cloth often reserved for residence builders. Sadly, the bunny caught fire earlier right now as staff have been attempting to disassemble it. Nevertheless its counterpart can nonetheless be seen on the moon, or a minimal of that’s how the story goes.

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