Hand-Minimize Mandalas and Different Intricate Paper Works


Japanese artist Mr. Riu takes paper slicing to an intricate extreme, crafting mandalas and elaborate figures with a precision work instrument often known as the swivel knife. This instrument permits him to cut curves additional fluidly, as the highest of the knife can flip 360 ranges. With this movement, Riu produces asymmetrical imagery that is sometimes full of hidden particulars—winged horses that sprout from elements in a star and snakes that wrap themselves throughout the eyes of his figural works.

Riu’s captions for his Instagram pictures are typically inspirational and talk to the dedication and persistence he has developed all through his paper chopping apply. “It’s not that I can do it because of I initially have a really perfect persistence,” says Riu in a single amongst his captions, “I really feel that my endurance grows stronger repeatedly because of I have to do it.”

You probably can see additional of Mr. Riu’s work on his Instagram and weblog.





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