Mass of Tangled Purple Yarn – Brazilian Chapel


In 2011, Brazilian artist Tatiana Blass pierced the partitions of a Sao Paulo chapel with large loads of pink yarn, letting the sensible supplies path into the encircling grasses, panorama, and timber. The arrange, titledPenelope, was named after Odysseus’s partner in Homer’s Odyssey, a character who saved herself away from suitors whereas he was at battle by weaving a burial shroud by day, and secretly taking gadgets of it apart at night.

Contained within the chapel the work continued with a 45-foot-prolonged carpet leading to a loom into which it was caught. Immaculate on one side of the loom and in gadgets on the other, strings of the dismantled rug traveled exterior of the chapel by preexisting holes that made their technique into the yard. The piece, equivalent to the epic poem, leaves us to marvel if the work is in a state of improvement or unraveling, if the carpet is being constructed, or slowly torn apart.



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