Unimaginable Satellite Photographs of Earth

Namib Desert / October 5, 2013

Ganges’ dazzling delta / July 31, 2009

Scandinavian snows / February 1, 2013

Mississippi River Delta / Might 25, 2012

Clearwater Lakes, Canada / Might 17, 2013

Agricultural crops in Aragon and Catalonia / November 26, 2010

Though I don’t have a homepage set, the first net web page in my daily rounds is always the Astronomy Picture of the Day (site in the meanwhile down), an web website launched by NASA and the Michigan Technological School strategy once more in 1995, an virtually regular publication run of 18 years. Sadly due some minor, uhm, funds cuts inside the U.S. authorities, all NASA websites are in the mean time down because of a crushing ninety seven% scale back in workforce, along with the usual Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Luckily there’s in any case one space firm nonetheless publishing pictures of space (and home from Earth), the European Space Firm. The ESA has an unimaginable Observing the Earth archive that’s updated every week and each satelitte image is usually accompanied by a fast essay to elucidate a bit about what you’re looking at.

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