Quilled Paper Portraits


Utilizing vibrantly colored paper, artist and illustrator Yulia Brodskaya (beforehand proper right here and proper right here), creates distinctive three-dimensional portraits that mirror the sweetness current in earlier age. Each work incorporates a palette of colors that keep on the guts of her focus, these days concentrating on treasured jewel tones that moreover perform the title for each portrait. Beforehand Brodskaya had referred to these quilled gadgets as drawings, nevertheless the additional expressionistic her mannequin turns into, the additional her work shows a painterly technique.

“I used to say that I was drawing with paper, nevertheless I think about with this technique I’ve found a technique to color with paper,” said Brodskaya to Colossal. “I mix strips of paper as I’d mix paints on a palette. These artworks are all about shade and the distinctive, tactile actually really feel that paper strips add to it. The portraits resemble oil and acrylic painting (notably from a distance), nevertheless with a textured paper twist.”

You will discover additional footage of Brodskaya’s quilled paper work on her weblog and Fb, and see a step-by-step demonstration of her course of inside the video beneath.



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