Rainbow Inside the Bristol Biennial


Liz West is not any stranger to multi-colored environments, beforehand defending the bottom of an historic UK church with dazzling reflective orbs. Her latest mission, Our Shade, is located at this 12 months’s Bristol Biennial and presents the viewers the feeling of being dropped into the center of a rainbow by flooding an prolonged hallway with a sequence of gel-filtered lights. The work modifications from a deep violet to an ecstatic purple, allowing one to traverse by way of an immersive assortment of colors.

The arrange was designed with a human’s psychological and emotional response to color in ideas, as West consulted consultants in human notion in the middle of the development of the work. Whereas observing the viewers’s response to the piece she has found that often after touring by way of the spectrum of colors they return to the color they uncover most cozy—pausing a second to take in their favorite shade.

If slowly scrolling by this submit isn’t adequate to get the sensation that you simply’re touring via West’s rainbow-stuffed work, see the piece on your self via September 10, 2016. (by way of Designboom)




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