Scenes of Fantasy and Disaster on Traditional Blue Porcelain Dinner Plates


Look if you see your grandmother’s china, look twice and in addition you see… Giant Foot? Don Moyer, the graphic designer behind Calamityware (beforehand proper right here and proper right here), has designed numerous additional white porcelain plates playfully poking the usual blue Willow pattern design. On his plates, intricate patterns found on the periphery trick the eye until one notices mysterious occurrences happening near the center. Pirate ships take over Victorian villages, swamp monsters seize for typical Japanese pagodas, and erupting volcanoes threaten to overtake peaceful cities.

Two of Moyer’s newest plate designs, a gaggle of savage zombie poodles and a hovering pterodactyl, are in the mean time on Kickstarter. You should purchase these plates on Calamityware’s website online, the place moreover, you’ll uncover some dishware crawling with ants and flies.





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