The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture The Photograph Gallery

The fifth Pageant of Energetic Structure organized by Affiliation Champ Libre, occurred in Montpellier from Simply 17-20, 2010. This yr, architects from all over the world joined and answered the thematic “Between Shadow and Mild”, creating an architectural sculpture or set up within the courtyards of personal mansions in Montpellier.

This yr the highest prize of the pageant went to the undertaking Lumi-Air, realized by ABC Studio, Doonam Again and Yann Caclin, architects from Nancy, France (pictured above). This challenge gained “as a result of it’s with poetry that it delivered to the foreground the sunshine by means of a cloud of smoked whereas reflecting the vault of the lodge of Mirman. The orchestra of mirror shone and made sparkle the vault, multiplying tenfold the spatial perceptions.”

Description of the profitable entry:

The fabric is an expression of sunshine. Within the area, the sunshine spreads within the area and exists solely by assembly with plenty. Its depth varies, the shadow is printed.

The sunshine turns into tangible. Recreation of reflection, strains of shadow.

The venture is a bodily expression of this relationship between mild and materials, solidifying it.

The area of a courtyard of mansion is right for this undertaking, for its floor opened, permitting one scene of mirrors on the bottom. With this set up, the courtroom turns into a clearing in a forest: a second of peace, opened, shiny.

The 2 honorable mentions have been “Truthehole” realized by Splace from Gênes, Italy and one other one to “Ombre en Lumière” by Emilie Queney and Markus Schork based mostly in Paris, France.

The descriptions under are all from the architects.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Truthehole” by SPLACE A. Bosio, G. Cassinelli, A. Lavarello, Okay. Perini, F. Valido, architects from Gênes, Italy Mild and shadow are key parts of the notion of structure. With our challenge, the required situation for notion is mild as materials. By means of this apply it’s potential to acquire a dwelling and dynamic picture of actuality.

As Plato suggests in his allegory of the cave, we will understand the world solely by means of its projection. A tunnel leads the viewer from the road to the darkroom. The one hyperlinks with the encompassing structure are the pictures projected by the pinhole and the customer really feel like Plato’s prisoners. The actual area is revealed when the observer exit the cave getting into the courtyard. Will the correspondence be plain? The truth is the pictures are the wrong way up on account of optics legal guidelines, and characterize only a number of actuality. Lastly, the pinhole technique is a metaphor of the relation between structure and customers, which is influenced by the illustration media: the architectures we speak, learn and write about are pictures — plans, renderings, photographs — somewhat than truly-lived areas.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Ombre en Lumière” by Emilie Queney and Markus Schork, architects from Paris, France Some black parts scattered within the courtyard is an impediment to the standard run of the solar, producing brief-lived motives.

Day-after-day, the changeable shadow comes to slip on the surfaces which represent the courtroom and provides throughout one exact second the important thing of the which means, reconstituting on the bottom the phrase “Shadow”…

A plan decomposed into common squares is distributed on four strata. The picture of origin turns into solely readable by the projection which reconstitutes it as soon as a day. A clean floor marked on the bottom involves obtain this picture.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Up Sky Down” by Guillaume Girod, architect from Grenoble, France The set up suggest to satisfy the sunshine and contact it. It gives broad shadows space, some extra intimate, extra erased. It places nose to nose these two protagonists: mild and shadow.

Within the courtyard, hundreds of black balloons recreate a sky, inside attain. It’s simply there, it strikes slowly like waves, letting move some sunbeams. The environment reminds the moments of rigidity precedent a thunderstorm.

White threads understand sunbeams and are available to influence the bottom, drawing geometrical zones on it.

The set up proposes a easy language which revisits a common theme: youngsters imagining invisible types wanting on the sky.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Cristallisation” by Laurent Bariat and Fanny Dohen, architects from Lyon, France Mild reveals volumes and supplies, couldn’t it turn out to be itself materials? Wouldn’t its passage within the bodily state permit to disclose all its traits?

Its crystallization would provides the potential of composing concurrently with these numerous phenomenas.

Entered in an unknown place, the sunshine involves take form, enjoying all its nuances, creating a delicate course, main regularly to the invention of an inside courtyard. This place, the place every little thing is usually recommended, diffuse, mark a progressive passage towards a darkish area, the place we understand nothing. Lastly, this place turns into the theater of abstracted reflections providing a brand new look on the structure on this hidden second.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“JMP Land. Artwork. Scape. Structure” by J.Munoz i Perez, architects from Barcelona, Spain Hôtel de Sarret astonishes us. A lamp, out of scale, attracts one’s consideration because of the austerity of the courtyard. We need to revalue the primary attribute of the courtyard because of a land.artwork.scape.structure that will get built-in with the austerity of the place. 15,000 tealights (a standard, cheap and ephemeral candle encased in a skinny metallic container) to generate a shadow because of the totally different colours used. On the similar time, all tealights are numbered as a way to single out.

Over the past day, the guests to the Hôtel de Sarret are allowed to gather a tealight. It’s the approach of spreading the land.artwork.scape. structure throughout the town and past.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Vortex” by Vortex, N. Grun and P. Laurent from Strasbourg, France The set up needs to introduce a dialogue between the immateriality of the sunshine and the bodily presence of the structure.

The challenge provides a tool which prevents the photo voltaic radiations from escaping of it: a black gap.

The item’s dynamic enters in echo with the place. The courtyard is plunged into the shadow of the vortex.

The set up absorbs the daylight and restores it by way of a shiny form which modifications with the hours the volumes and the reliefs of the courtyard. Vortex proposes a recreation which possesses the facility to disclose the great thing about the structure by placing it within the darkness.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Chasseur d’ombre” by Bianco Studio , G. Burragato + M.Burragato, architects from Milan, Italy A great structure is especially made by two elements: shadows and lights.

“L’structure est un jeu savant, right et magnifique des volumes assemblés sous la lumière” — Le Corbusier

The set up is manufactured from paperboard recycled modules. Every module is a field with one face lacking and changed with a white paperboard. This white floor is folded into a number of manners and takes totally different shapes creating totally different lights-shadows results. These modules are assembled collectively right into a grid, following a selected mesh design that creates a rhythmic floor. The modular system creates a round area that may be crossed. Some faces of the packing containers are coloured or reflective as a way to generate recommendations.

The customers are invited to work together with it, by folding or molding the white paperboards and placing them into the packing containers. To allow them to play immediately with the shadows.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Ukigumo – Floating Clouds” by MoNo, F. Nagashima and M. Maruoka Nagashima, architects from Yokohama, Japan The stage we attempt to create is a spot crammed with environment of medieval France. Subsequently we set a theme “the encounter of two previous types of France and Japan” because the idea of our set up. Within the courtyard, some clustered columns produce an area with Japanese unbiased sense, implying a Japanese conventional constructing. With the lodge’s personal columns, we let two totally different nations columns emphasize their individuality with their very own type.

A brand new relationship will born between two types of columns thanks floating clouds “Ukigumo”, one among so necessary characters of Japanese previous portray. In previous footage they’re used as border and in addition connection between totally different scenes. We’ll fulfill this artwork work with modern industrial commonplace merchandise, not Japanese conventional particular supplies.

By passing by means of a number of layers of nonwoven material balloons, daylight modifications erratically and makes the unpredictable gradation of environment between shadow and lightweight.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Performa” by the School of Design, College of Kentucky / academics M. SPeak, M. Mckay, and L. Swanson; and college students J. Hines, J. Grant, R. Sparks from Lexington, Kentucky (USA) Performa is multi-performative materials system using optimization, aggregation and effectivity. The system is comprised of equivalent foldable models that create a excessive diploma of unit and system pliability which permits for adaptation to altering circumstances. These circumstances vary from extremely spatial as soon as deployed to laying utterly flat for straightforward transport.

The work explores the sensory have an effect on of its subject situation: variable aperatures of opacity and openness, mild and shadow, and their influence on adjoining surfaces. The work is the results of rigorous digital and bodily methods that examined potential performative traits, limits, and methods of fabrication.

The 5th Festival of Lively Architecture in main art architecture Category

“Kub(or)” by La Mutuelle, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, Maxime Enrico, Dimitri Roussel, and Sonia Sifflet, from Paris, France The challenge is a mirror ball cut up up and scattered within the area of the courtyard making a recreation between shadow and lightweight. A brand new roof of suspended cubes displays, inverts and throws on the bottom pictures of the courtyard and guests.

Pictures by @photoarchitecture Paul Kozlowski / and Affiliation Champ Libre.

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