These ‘Chiseled’ Glass Wave Vessels

These ‘Chiseled’ Glass Wave Vessels by Graham Muir Appear Frozen in Motion


Precariously resting atop a pedestal, these wave-like glass vessels by Scottish artist Graham Muir seem to defy gravity as if frozen in a moment before crashing into the ocean. Using techniques perfected over the last decade, Muir achieves delicate shapes that seem almost chiseled or fractured, but are in fact accomplished when working while the glass is still hot. He shares via his artist statement:

Such work speaks quietly of the harmony between maker or makers and the medium. It is often the result of a path that involves many failed attempts but results in a piece all the stronger for that, where nothing needs neither added nor taken away.

Muir most recently had pieces on view as part of an exhibition of Scottish makers through Gallery TEN atSaatchi Gallery during Collect in London earlier this year.



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