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Trunk books are a brand new collection of private, sensual books which are meant to be crammed with lovely and interesting content material. The thought is that they’re full of treasure, identical to an previous trunk within the attic. Every e-book will concentrate on part of the human physique and be filed with brief items of writing, artwork, and images. There might be interviews, essays, fiction, photograph essays, poems, and artwork works addressing multifarious dimensions of the theme. The collection is aimed toward an clever, engaged viewers curious about each “excessive” and widespread tradition and is meant to have vast attraction.

TRUNK Book in style fashion main art Category

TRUNK Quantity One: HAIR

This unusual anthology of writing and artwork explores the cultural, historic, spiritual and social points of the evolutionary ambiguous outgrowth of protein generally known as hair. It incorporates numerous items about: the monobrow, hair in drugs, Victorian mourning jewelery, Medusa, Aboriginal hair, hairdressing, transgender, the Brazilian, psychiatry, embroidery, dreadlocks, Rapunzel, chemotherapy, nightmares, magic, shaving, Mormon beards, ladies’s beards, order and chaos, mind injury and hair extensions.

TRUNK Book in style fashion main art Category

TRUNK Book in style fashion main art Category

TRUNK Quantity Two: BLOOD (Submissions due October 30, 2009)

Blood is a fluid, dwelling tissue—a posh mixture of platelets and plasma. Excess of a bodily and chemical answer of pink and white cells, haemoglobin and protein, blood is probably the most ubiquitous and profound image for the deepest of human considerations: life, dying, love and intercourse.

We search writing and artwork that explores the fascinating cultural, medical, geographical, historic, spiritual and social points of this plentiful bodily fluid. Submissions have to be accessible, curious, entertaining and stimulating.

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