Balanced and secluded hideaway: Harborview Hills

Harborview Hills – a reputation so imposing and a residence so splendid! This beautiful trendy villa named the Harborview Hills residence and situated in Corona Del Mar, California, certainly is the one place on earth that its house owners would always remember or depart. Displaying a really personal, virtually secluded structure, the modern property was designed by Californian studio Laidlaw Schultz Architects.

The strong walnut wall displayed within the entrance of the property cleverly hides all of the unbelievable options of this magnificent dream home. Indiscreet eyes will be unable to inform that this residence gathers beautiful coastal views on the opposite aspect and shares them with dwellers and their friends. Poolside terraces and shiny inside areas are separated by solely a skinny sheet of glass and daylight is invited inside to convey out the perfect within the area association. An  inner courtyard and in depth use of glass drive the indoors and outdoor to merge in a profitable try and hold a stability within the inhabitant’s life.

Harborview Hills Balanced and secluded hideaway: Harborview Hills

Harborview Hills 2 Balanced and secluded hideaway: Harborview Hills


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