Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From

It is time to leave behind the mundane and drench your kitchen in some vivacious color. Whether you love an understated  approach, or an over-the-top look with some cheerful hues, colorful kitchen cabinets offer you a multitude of exciting options. Move over boring kitchens!PrevGALLERY: 1 of 10NextUse your ← → (arrow) keys to browse

Painted kitchen cabinets are back with a bang! It was not too long ago when pretty much everyone turned away from those vintage and retro hues and adopted a more modern approach toward kitchen cabinets. Beige, cream and brown became the order of the day. But then, fashion and interior design have a wonderful way of surprising us by turning back the clock and making the vintage cool again! Colorful kitchen cabinets are quickly topping the list of the hottest design trends of 2014. Since we already gave you a quick guide on how to paint the cabinets at your home, today we delve into the colors you can choose for your kitchen cabinets.

cool colors kitchen cabinets Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From

The number of colors you can choose from for your kitchen cabinets is indeed endless. Yet your search can be streamlined using a few simple parameters, like the existing theme and your own taste in color combinations. Never pick anything you are not comfortable with just because it is touted as a “hot hue”. Here are nine fashionable and effervescent colors that top the popularity charts. Dig in and enjoy!

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