Prismatic Work Produced From Refracted Mild


Stephen Knapp has been making work that is reworked by delicate for over thirty years, producing vibrant mild installations he refers to as work. These large-scale works benefit from minimal devices, harnessing merely delicate and dichroic glass to throw numerous colors in opposition to the partitions and room. The installations won’t be sketched out beforehand or programmed by laptop computer, nevertheless pretty created all through the arrange course of as Knapp strikes intuitively to choreograph his intricate mild patterns.

“The pleasurable of what I do with delicate, is that there is nothing in our seen memory that prepares us for what I’m doing,” said Knapp in a temporary film about his work. “The reality that what I create can merely be executed with mild, that there is not a paint on these panels, is totally astounding to people. What I am attempting to do most of all proper right here is drawback any typical notion of notion. What’s it? Is it precise? Is it not precise? Does it matter?”

These works have been featured in solo exhibitions throughout the nation along with the Boise Paintings Museum, the Chrysler Museum of Paintings, the Naples Paintings Museum, the Butler Institute of American Paintings, and the Flint Institute of Paintings, amongst others. Knapp’s solo exhibition Lightpaintings is presently on view by August 27, 2016 at thePensacola Museum of Paintings.






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